I realized today that I have forgotten all about keeping up with my blog. Life has taken over, and I find my attention going in many different directions – writing new music, editing current music, teaching yoga, practicing yoga, a little cardio, and a kitchen remodel. But I realized that it all comes down to […]

Writing a piano concerto with a choir in tow…

This last week and weekend I’ve been focusing on my commission for the Long Beach Camerata Singers – a piano concerto with choir and chamber orchestra.  I’m into what i’m calling “draft three” or for a better description ” a draft that started to clean up the orchestration and the messy layout that I said […]

What a (half) year!

  Hello all! It’s been a while since my last blog post, but I didn’t want you to think I had forgotten you!  It’s been a busy first half of 2014, and I’ll highlight what I’ve been up to: 1) 300 hour yoga teacher training – done!  Just finished this last week, and I am […]

Music and Yoga: Letting Go

The idea of “letting go” can be a scary concept for some of us.  In our society, letting go of something might imply that we are giving up control, and we don’t like to give up control over moments and things in our lives.  But yoga teaches us that it’s okay to let go; to […]

Music: What it means to be a composer today

Yesterday I received a royalty check in the mail from one of the publishers that publishes my works.  When I opened it and saw that it was for a small amount, I had a literal throw my hands up in the air moment.  I felt mad – as composers, we work hard to create a […]