Yoga: The Yamas – Ahimsa (non-violence) and finding Balance

As a yoga teacher I strive to bring great classes to my students – inspiring sequences, peak poses, setting intentions, and in general a class that they can hopefully walk away learning something about themselves.  But I also try to bring some of yoga’s philosophies to class, and have started a journey to begin to […]

Sun Songs

This is from the premiere of my piece “Sun Songs” for Soprano, English horn, cello, and piano performed by Tony Arnold – soprano, and members of Definiens ( The text of this piece is taken from Native American texts telling of the sun, the land, and speaking of how we should honor the Earth. Premiered […]

The first post!

Welcome to my blog!  I am a composer and a yoga teacher, and here I look forward to talking about all things music and yoga.  Sometimes I’ll post about current music projects, and other times I’ll bring you my thoughts and ideas on yoga – what poses I love, what books I’m reading, etc.  I’m […]