Composer Residency

I’ve put together a residency proposal that I believe will offer this insight and perspective to your students from an independent composer.  This residency is full of interactive modules that allow the students to ask questions, to participate in discussions, to receive feedback on their works, and to collaborate with me and each other on performances of works.  I also bring a unique specialty to this residency in that I am also a 500 hour certified yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance.  I believe it’s important for composers and performers to be able to take care of themselves physically and mentally and my module “yoga for musicians” gives them the tools to support their practice and performance time through movement, stillness, meditation, and breathe.

Some examples of the residency modules:
1) Masterclass for composers and performers: The Art of Collaboration and Creativity
2) Masterclass for composers
3) Individual composition lessons for composers and performers
4) Roundtable discussion: Being a composer in the 21st century
5) Yoga for musicians: Stretching and movement to support the performer’s mind and body
6) Pre and Post concert talks
7) Coaching by Jenni on her works
8) Guest conducting of Jenni’s works.

Contact me for more detailed information about these modules and about booking this residency.