Commission a New Work

Ever thought about commissioning a work?

Find out more about the process and the benefits of working with a composer to write a brand new work for you!

Why commission a new work?

Commissioning a new piece of music is creating the opportunity to have a work specifically composed with the needs and abilities of your group in mind.  A commission not only allows the talents of your group to shine through, but may also be a way to celebrate a special occasion.

There are many other reasons to commission a work – maybe your group is celebrating a milestone anniversary or has been invited to perform at the opening of a new hall or gallery.  There might be a themed concert that your group is planning and would like to commission a new piece as the central focus of the concert.  Or perhaps your ensemble wants a concert opener or closer.  Whatever the occasion, a newly commissioned work guarantees that your performance will be one-of-a-kind with a world premiere of a new composition to mark this special event!

What are the benefits of working with a composer?

I will work with you to create this composition from beginning to end.  We will talk about the theme or the occasion for the piece and will then build a plan for creating this piece,  from consultations during the creative process, the final delivery and performance of the piece. I believe strongly in the collaborative process, and in creating this new work I look forward to your thoughts and input.

I am also available to provide composer workshops with your ensemble and/or community.  I am able to talk about the commissioned work as well as the business of music and how I approach being an independent composer.  I am also available to conduct the work – please see the “Conductor” section of my website for more information.

Is it affordable?

Absolutely! Pricing is based on a project by project basis.  The cost of the piece is based on size of ensemble and length of work.  Payment plans are always available – what is most important to me is that we get to work together to create a unique new piece of music!

Get in touch!

Contact me to discuss how we can make commissioning a new work an affordable and exciting process.

Ensembles and individuals who have commissioned Jenni include:

Bowling Green State University Women’s Choir – Sandra Stegman, director

The Brandywine Singers

Central4 Piano Quartet

California Association of Professional Music Teachers (CAPMT)

Camerata Singers of Long Beach


The Definiens Project

Elizabeth Crawford, Clarinet (Ball State University)

Graphite Publishing

Irvine United Congregational Church Chancel Choir, Rob Istad-director

James Doyle and Tracy Kane Doyle, marimba and flute (Adams State University, Colorado)

L.A. Musical Salon

Lafayette 250 Committee of Arrangements, Fayetteville, North Carolina

Scott Pool, bassoonist and the University of Texas at Arlington

Christin Schillinger – bassoon (University of Miami, Ohio)

Sister Singers Network

Sistrum, Meredith Bowen-director

Aryn Day Sweeney – oboe (Ball State University)

The University of Texas at Austin– Fine Arts Department

The Vientos Trio

The Young New Yorkers Chorus, Michael Kerschner-director