New Releases from Jenni Brandon Music – late Fall 2023


The Sky Between Us for Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, and Piano by Jenni Brandon explores what it means to be under the same sky and connect in new ways.


Multitudinous Stars and Spring Waters for Soprano and Clarinet in B-flat by Jenni Brandon combines a collection of poems by women poets from a vast period of Chinese history. Their poems make up the larger picture of love and waiting, sometimes with disappointment and grief, of admiration, of marriage and of eternal love. The whole work is a love song – telling that age-old story of the push and pull of emotions that only love can cause.


Daydreams for Solo Clarinet in B-flat tells the stories of walking, skating, singing, and dreaming of possibility.  This four-movement work is programmable and accessible for students as well as professional musicians to program on recitals and use as a teaching tool for their studios.
Bright Leaf for Solo Bassoon takes a journey through a sun-dappled vineyard of grapes and green leaves in this 3:30 solo.

This work appears on the 2023-2024 University Interscholastic League (UIL) Prescribed Music List.