Online Summer Composition Workshops with Composer Jenni Brandon


Award-winning composer Jenni Brandon is offering unique online summer composition workshops focusing on writing a new work for a solo instrument in an approachable, collaborative setting with other composers as well as a professional instrumentalist.   Participants will have their works performed and recorded by this professional instrumentalist at the end of the workshop.

Purchase registration fee of $50 here to reserve your space by June 8, 2020 and fill out the registration form at the bottom of this page.  Once you register, more details about the workshop and a final invoice for remainder will be sent to you.  Composers may take one or all three workshops:

One workshop = $250 ($50 registration fee followed by the remaining $200 paid one week before workshop begins)

Two workshops = $400 ($50 registration fee followed by $200 due one week before first workshop and $150 due before second workshop)

Three workshops = $540 ($50 registration fee followed by $200 due one week before first workshop, and $145 due one week before 2nd workshop and $145 due one week before 3rd workshop)



Online Summer Composition Workshops with Composer Jenni Brandon:
Writing for the Solo Instrument
(For dates and full cost of workshops, please see below)

With many summer performances and festivals cancelled or postponed, now is a great time for composers to work on writing for the solo instrument. Solo repertoire is always in demand, but especially now as so many of us are finding new ways to make music from a distance does creating solo repertoire to be performed individually become even more important and needed. Let Jenni Brandon, an award-winning composer whose works have been commissioned and performed internationally and recorded on over 20 albums, guide you in the art of writing for the solo instrument. Discussions will also be about collaboration, the business of music, score preparation, and making music in a new online world.

Each workshop includes writing for a specific instrument.  Jenni is joined by professional instrumentalists including:

Dr. Jenni Olson – Flutes (Piccolo, Flute, Alto, Bass) – June 15-19, 2020 – Workshop, June 25 – Performance

Dr. Christin Schillinger – Bassoon – June 22-26 – Workshop, July 2 – Performance

Dr. Lindabeth Binkley- Oboe  – July 6-10 – Workshop, July 16 – Performance

They will offer their guidance on best practices for writing for these instruments.  See below for more information on these incredible performers.

At the end of this summer workshop participants will have connected and collaborated with fellow composers and a professional instrumentalist, taken private composition lessons with Jenni, participated in workshops on the art of collaboration and the business of music, written a brand new solo work, and had a performance of their work in an online concert with a professional musician.  Composers will be provided with a final recording of their work.

These sessions will take place online through Zoom and Facebook Live in Pacific Standard Time and are open to all composers who are interested in writing for the solo instrument.

Besides the scheduled meeting times online and private lessons, composers should expect to spend several hours each day listening to and studying scores and writing their new 2-5 minute work for the solo instrument.

Composers are welcome to bring a work that they’ve already started for this instrument that they want to complete during this workshop.

Here is a detailed description of what you can expect to get from this 5-day online workshop plus performance:

  • Award-winning composer Jenni Brandon is offering a unique online summer workshop focusing on an approachable way to write music for the solo instrument.
  • Participants will write a new solo work for the instrument approximately 2-5 minutes in length.
  • This workshop will take place online over 5 days plus a final public online concert of the new works a few days later to allow the instrumentalist time to prepare the works.
  • Learn techniques and approaches for writing for a solo instrument, from listening and score study, exploring textures and colors, and preparing a beautiful score
  • Two private, one-on-one online composition lessons with Jenni will allow composers to dig deeper into crafting this new work
  • Group workshops with Jenni including topics on the art of collaboration, the business of music including commissioning contracts, score preparation, speaking about your piece at concerts, making professional connections, and more.
  • In-depth group workshop and discussion with a professional instrumentalist will allow composers to explore range, unique techniques, and do’s and don’ts for writing for the specific solo instrument for this session.
  • Group composition session with Jenni where participants share ideas and questions with each other about their current work (what’s working, what’s not, etc.) in a collaborative environment
  • Online Listening Party and Score study of repertoire for this session’s specific instrument
  • Private Facebook page to post questions, thoughts about the instruments, listening suggestions, and to connect with fellow composers
  • Final public online concert and recording of your work will take place a few days after the final meeting to allow the performer time to prepare for the final concert.

Composers are welcome to participate in one, two, or all three of the workshops. The cost breaks down as follows:

One workshop = $250 ($50 registration fee followed by the remaining $200 paid one week before workshop begins)

Two workshops = $400 ($50 registration fee followed by $200 due one week before first workshop and $150 due before second workshop)

Three workshops = $540 ($50 registration fee followed by $200 due one week before first workshop, and $145 due one week before 2nd workshop and $145 due one week before 3rd workshop)

Cancellation Policy
Participants must pay in full 1 week prior to the start of the workshop(s).   A $25 cancellation fee will be held if participant cancels in the week leading up to the workshop(s).  The remaining balance will be returned.

 Each session will focus on a single instrument with a professional instrumentalist joining us on that instrument for part of the workshop.  Daily sessions will take place either in the late mornings or afternoons and will last approximately 3 hours.

Multiple sessions are offered for specific instruments. Jenni is joined during the workshops by professional instrumentalists:

Workshop #1: Writing solo music for the Flutes (Piccolo, Flute, Alto, Bass)
June 15-19, 2020 – Workshop
June 21 – final score to performer
June 25th – Facebook Live Concert
With Dr. Jenni Olson – Flutes: Jenni Olson is an active orchestral performer and recording artist in the Los Angeles area.  She is a member of the Long Beach Symphony and subs regularly with the Santa Barbara Symphony, Pacific Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Orchestra Santa Monica and South Bay Chamber Orchestra.  You can hear her on recent soundtracks such as Star Wars 7, 8, 9, Frozen 2 and Onward.  In addition to having played on over 100 movies and television shows, Jenni’s album of premier recordings titled “Dreams of Birds” was released through the Delos label and is distributed by Naxos.  She has several other albums available through iTunes and Spotify.

Workshop #2: Writing solo music for the Bassoon
June 22-26 – Workshop
June 28 – Final score to performer
July 2 – Facebook Live Concert

With Dr. Christin Schillinger – bassoon: Hailed as a “soloist, teacher, and force of nature” by The Double Reed (Journal of the International Double Reed Society), bassoonist Christin Schillinger specializes in the accessibility of the avant-garde, aiming to broaden the audience for both new music and bassoon. American Record Guide refers to her playing as “full of life and inspiration.”  “She plays [bassoon] with total mastery.” (Fanfare). Schillinger works closely with living composers. Her newest solo album, Bassoon Unbounded (2018), highlights works from the 21st Century written in her dedication. Collaborative composers remark on her “natural interpretation” and “perfect musical choices.” Schillinger is an active performer, lecturer, and writer. She has published numerous articles and appears regularly throughout the United States and Europe. Her 2016 book, Bassoon Reed Making (Indiana University Press) details current and historic trends in this field. She is the founder of fEMPOWER social platform for female bassoonists. Currently she is on faculty at Ithaca College in New York and has held positions with Miami University, the University of Nevada, and various orchestras throughout the west. Schillinger received her degrees from Northwestern, Michigan State, and Arizona State Universities under the guidance of Bob Barris, Barrick Stees, Michael Kroth, Albie Micklich, and Jeffrey Lyman.

Workshop #3: Writing solo music for the Oboe
July 6-10 – Workshop
July 12 – Final score to performer
July 16 – Facebook Live Concert

With Dr. Lindabeth Binkley- Oboe Acclaimed for her “classic triumph of lightness, delicacy, and expressiveness,” oboist Lindabeth Binkley has held positions with the Tucson Symphony Orchestra, Colorado Symphony, Arizona Opera, and Central City Opera. She is currently Principal Oboist of the Flint Symphony Orchestra and Associate Professor of Oboe at Central Michigan University. Originally from Michigan, Lindabeth holds degrees from Central Michigan University, The University of Colorado at Boulder and the University of Arizona. Shortly after her arrival in Michigan, Lindabeth was appointed Principal Oboe of the Flint Symphony Orchestra and has been active throughout the state in performances with the Ann Arbor Symphony, Lansing Symphony, and Lexington (MI) Bach Festival. She performs regularly with the Powers Woodwind Quintet, a CMU faculty ensemble, and can be heard on their 2017 Centaur Records release, Hidden Gems (CEN 3528). Her new CD FROM EARTH & SKY: MUSIC OF JENNI BRANDON was released in April 2020 on the Blue Griffin Record label. As a soloist, she performs regularly in recital at International Double Reed Society Conferences and as a visiting guest artist at college campuses across the United States. Passionate about the teaching of oboe reed making, she maintains an Instagram account devoted entirely to the reed making process, @thinthetip. Visit to learn more.

They will offer their guidance on best practices for writing for these instruments.

Please fill out the registration information below, indicating which workshop(s) you would like to attend. From the top of this page, you can then pay the $50 registration fee.  If you are signing up for multiple workshops, you only need to pay ONE Registration fee.  Once your information and fee have been received, you will receive a confirmation email and more detailed information about the program and how to make final payments.  Please contact Jenni if you have any questions.