Sisters of the Covid Moon for Soprano, Bassoon, and Piano Commissioning Consortium


Join the commissioning consortium for Sisters of the Covid Moon, a new work by Jenni Brandon for soprano, bassoon, and piano. Libretto by Karla Linn Merrifield.  Lead commissioner Gina Cuffari (NYU professor, Orpheus Chamber Ensemble). Exclusive rights to perform work through Fall 2022.


Sisters of the Covid Moon

Join the Commissioning Consortium for the 
Soprano, Bassoon, and Piano (3 Performers) Version

Now through January 15, 2022


Details of Consortium

$150 consortium buy-in fee (plus $5 credit card processing fee) includes:

  1. PDF and Hard copies of score/parts (Hard copies will be mailed via media mail by January 20th, 2022)
  2. Group Zoom conversation about the work (date TBD, will also be recorded)
  3. Name of individual/ensemble listed in score as Commissioning Consortium Member(s)
  4. Exclusivity of performing rights through Fall 2022

If consortium member plans to perform work in early spring 2022 and needs to begin rehearsals before consortium closes, Jenni will provide a PDF score/parts upon joining consortium so they may begin rehearsals on piece.

Final copies with consortium member names included will be provided after January 15, 2022 once consortium has closed.

Once consortium member joins consortium, a consortium contract will be sent for review and signing.


Music by Jenni Brandon

Libretto by Karla Linn Merrifield

Lead Commissioner: Gina Cuffari – Bassoon/Soprano

About Sisters of the Covid Moon:

This work explores the lives of women, teens, seniors, essential workers, and mothers during the recent pandemic. We have all been touched by the virus in some form or another-it has affected our health, our careers, the ability to see our loved ones, and much more.  This genre-crossing work explores the possibilities of storytelling through the combination of the voice and the bassoon acting as the voices of these women.  At times the work is serious and reflective, looking on with disbelief of the incredible circumstances in which we find ourselves. And at times the work is funny and hopeful, giving the voices a chance to explore all sides of human emotion as we have experienced them throughout this pandemic. A moving work that blurs the line between opera and musical theater, this 25-minute dramatic work was commissioned and  premiered with Gina Cuffari as Soprano/Bassoon and Tom Cuffari on piano.  Other versions of the work include a version for soprano, bassoon, and piano (3 performers).  

WORLD PREMIERE (full performance) of the Soprano/Bassoon and Piano (2 performers) version during the
International Double Reed Society 2nd Virtual Symposium | July 27, 2021


Watch Jenni’s interview with Gina Cuffari and Karla Linn Merrifield on Jenni’s vlog “Work in Progress” as they discuss
collaboration and the creation of Sisters of the Covid Moon:


Read the libretto by Karla Linn Merrifield

Sisters of the Covid Moon

Poetry by Karla Linn Merrifield

You and me, sister;

you and me, sister, truly,

we are all sisters of the Covid Moon.


We are the nurses and doctors, teachers, and essential workers:

Sherry, Mary, Barb, Sarah, Zia, Melissa, Shonte, Alana, Yalkim—


I’m terrified.

            Cases are just skyrocketing.

            Safety is not that hard.


            I’ve never been this exhausted.

            I feel like I’m in ‘The Hunger Games.

            Our students are getting the virus, and they’re spreading it.


            Hair styling? It’s a Covid cesspool.

            If I worked less, I wouldn’t have money for rent, lights, food.

            No income, it’s hard; it’s really hard if you have no savings.


You and me, sister;

you and me, sister, truly,

we are all sisters of the Covid Moon.


We are the pregnant mothers, single moms, and working mothers:

Monica, Marie, Elvisa, Lizette, Michelle, Jen, Gloria, Andrea, Christy—


            Stress is pervasive.

            It’s year of overwhelming fear.

            I get through by praying.


            There’s no drive-through swab for depression.

            Our homes used to be sanctuaries.

I’m trying to be intentional about joy.

I have to be teacher, mom and friend.

            It’s a Mobius strip of misery.

            We have learned to settle into uncertainty.


You and me, sister;

you and me, sister, truly,

we are all sisters of the Covid Moon.


We are the single seniors, widows, and married seniors

Karla, Colleen, Enid, Martha, Jacquie, Laury, M.J., Diane, Barbara—


            What ever happened to sex? My libido rages at me.

            I have sat so long my butt hurts.  I’ve become voiceless.


My relationship with my spouse has grown more intimate—I’m a lucky one.

            Every day we saw something beautiful, blessing after blessing.

Such lucky ones.


My best friend died of the virus. I miss him everyday. He is irreplaceable.

Hospice, aides, lockdown, death—I do not accept the word widow.

            In the end, I was relieved that he passed when he did.

            The foghorn releases a deep-throated bell, vibrating along the hollow

                        highways of my bones.


You and me, sister;

you and me, sister, truly,

we are all sisters of the Covid Moon.


We are the little girls, teenagers, and co-eds:

Maya, Sarah, Sofia, Alice, Paige, Fatima, Aya, Adeline, Madilyn,


            Uh-oh! People!

            I’m nervous about the ‘bad’ germ.

            I go to the lake to watch a blue heron each week in peace.


I feel like the world is caving in.

            I’m lonely; I miss high school.

            These are supposed to be the best years of our lives.


            I worried I exposed my friends and family.

            It’s just really weird.

            I feel smothered by anxiety.


You and me, sister;

you and me, sister, truly,

we are all sisters of the Covid Moon.


We are the hopeful women: (speak 9 names of women who are important in your life.)

            It’s a shot of hope, the beginning of the end.

            I see that light ahead.

            Healing is coming.


You and me, sister;

you and me, sister, truly,

we are all sisters of the Covid Moon.