Self-Care for the College Musician

This fall Jenni Brandon (composer, conductor, yoga teacher) is partnering with  Marianne Breneman (clarinetist, certified health/life coach, and meditation instructor) of Mindful Health and Harmony for an informative, inspiring, and fun session on all the things they wish they’d known in college and grad school!

Designed with the “student lifestyle” in mind, this 90-minute ZOOM session* will discuss and demonstrate yoga, breathwork, meditation, positive mindset, nutrition, sleep, social media, and partying. (Yes, really. We all blow off steam somehow!).

Participants will explore ways to integrate the care of the mind and body through healthy lifestyle choices; applying the principles of LEAN (lifestyle, exercise, attitude, nutrition). You will leave with practical new tools and strategies for developing their own wellness plan to incorporate into their daily lives. Handouts will be provided. We’ll leave room for open discussion and Q&A.

Now booking for 2021-2022 academic year.  

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