World Premiere of “Chrysos” at Arizona State University

  World Premiere of Chrysos for Bassoon and Piano by Jenni BrandonFriday, February 9, 20247:30 PMKatzin Concert Hall, Arizona State University   Commissioned by Dr. Albie Micklich, Professor of Bassoon at Arizona State University This work explores the life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly, which lives and migrates across North America.  The chrysalis stage, or cocoon […]

Writing a piano concerto with a choir in tow…

This last week and weekend I’ve been focusing on my commission for the Long Beach Camerata Singers – a piano concerto with choir and chamber orchestra.  I’m into what i’m calling “draft three” or for a better description ” a draft that started to clean up the orchestration and the messy layout that I said […]

Music: What it means to be a composer today

Yesterday I received a royalty check in the mail from one of the publishers that publishes my works.  When I opened it and saw that it was for a small amount, I had a literal throw my hands up in the air moment.  I felt mad – as composers, we work hard to create a […]