If you are looking for a carefully planned, relaxed yet professional experience in composing, Jenni Brandon’s workshops are for you. Even after many years experience composing, I gained a great amount of new knowledge. The combination of score study, collaboration with a professional instrumentalist, private composition lessons, and sharing scores with the participants worked very well, even via Zoom. I felt like we were all in the same room together; the convenience of working from one’s own studio with other composers overcame the two dimensionality of the online time. Jenni’s experience in guiding composers in the development of their pieces was evident from the first. She has a light but sure touch. She encourages at the same time she suggests new ideas that really get you thinking. This workshop also helps diminish the loneliness of always composing by oneself. It was refreshing to find the courage to share one’s work in process.

- From a participant during the 2020 Online Summer Composition Workshops: Writing for the Solo Instrument