3 Paderewskis performed in Poznan, Poland

3 Paderewskis: An Opera in One Act received its European debut on Friday, October 18th, 2019 at the Aula Nova Akademii Muzycznej w Poznaniu.  This performance was part of the PADEREWSKI FESTIVAL sponsored by the Music Theater In Poznan under the direction of Przemyslaw Kieliszewski and Andrzej Hamerski, as well as the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

Jenni Brandon, the composer, music director, and conductor of 3 PADEREWSKIS travelled to Poland with 4 American singers (Keiko Clark- ANTONINA, Maria Dominique Lopez – IGNACE, Todd Strange – JAN, and Steve Pence PADEREWSKI) as well as David Bridel (director) and Oliver Mayer (librettist) to work with a chorus of 4 Polish singers and 4 Polish instrumentalists.  They rehearsed for 4 days and then performed the work to an audience of approximately 450.  The work was extremely well received, receiving an extended standing ovation and concluding with a reprise of the final song “Change the World”.  

Jenni, David, and Oliver also participated in workshops to talk about process, writing, and creativity.  

Polish Chorus:
Zuzanna Kaczmarek – soprano
Marta Kmieciak – alto
Bartłomiej Witczak – tenor
Łukasz Kocur – bass

Polish Instrumentalists:
Piotr Żukowki – piano
Mateusz Kolasiński – violin
Weronika Grenda – viola
Martyna Słojewska – cello

Here are some highlights from rehearsals, performance, and time in the beautiful city of Poznan.  Production pictures from the Poznan production by M. Kordula.

Jenni conducting 3 PADEREWSKIS at the Aula Nova Akademii Muzycznej in Poznan, Poland

Steve Pence as Paderewski

Maria Dominique Lopez – Ignace, Steve Pence – Paderewski, Todd Strange – Jan

Todd Strange – Jan ,Chorus: Zuzanna Kaczmarek, Marta Kmieciak, Bartłomiej Witczak, Łukasz Kocur

Todd Strange – Jan, Steve Pence – Paderewski, Keiko Clark – Antonina, Maria Dominique Lopez – Ignace

Maria Dominique Lopez – Ignace, Pianist -Piotr Żukowki

Maria Dominique Lopez and Steve Pence, Instrumentalists:Piotr Żukowki , Mateusz Kolasiński, Weronika Grenda, Martyna Słojewska

Maria Dominique Lopez – Ignace Keiko Clark – Antonina

Steve Pence – Paderewski, Jenni Brandon – Composer and Conductor

3 Paderewskis and Chorus

“The Ship” with 3 Paderewskis and Chorus

Standing Ovation after 3 PADEREWSKIS Polish premiere

Jenni and Keiko Clark during dress rehearsal

Jenni Brandon with David Bridel, Oliver Mayer, Principals, and Instrumentalists Piotr Żukowki , Mateusz Kolasiński, Weronika Grenda, Martyna Słojewska

Aula Nova Akademii Muzycznej in Poznan, Poland

Jenni Brandon, David Bridel, and Oliver Mayer next to Paderewski’s piano

David Bridel, Jenni Brandon, and Oliver Mayer in front of the statue of Paderewski at the Aula Nova

Jenni Brandon and David Bridel

Full company

Delicious Czech meal

Rogale marcińskie, the delicious official pastry of Poland!

Enjoying beautiful weather

Poznan town square at night