Be Part of a Commissioning Consortium to premiere a new choral work by Jenni!

Graphite Publishing 3rd Annual Commissioning Consortium

Graphite Publishing is looking for choirs who love to support the creation of new music to join us in our 3rd Annual Commissioning Consortium this year! We have commissioned two of our composers, Paul Ayres and Jenni Brandon to each write a piece for SA choir and piano.

The scores will be delivered to each participating choir by August 15, 2015, and they will have exclusive access to the pieces during the 15-16 academic year. Depending on participation levels, we hope to keep the cost at $250-400 per choir.
– 2 new pieces by Jenni Brandon and Paul Ayres
– Delivered by August 15, 2015
– Cost: $250-400 per choir
– If you are interested, contact Timothy C. Takach at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Read the poem Jenni will set below by Annabelle Moseley

Text by Annabelle Moseley
the sand dollar I have found,
are marked with little holes
in your nature,
powdered and breakable.
I feel your beauty
as I trace the patterns of your face,
and hold you from the salty grip of beachcombers.

You have been picked up many times
but never kept.
There is a void in your center,
where you carry the memory of your source,
where you vaguely remember the water
running through your body.
You wait for me to drop you where I found you
I smooth away the gritty sediment
and see the strength in you
who have emerged from the ocean
and carry the journey on your face.