Bessel Quartet Performs Jenni Brandon’s “Love Songs” In New York City

The Bessel-Quartet’s, Love Under Linden Concert occurs on Sunday, November 4, 2018 at 8:00 PM at the National Opera Center, Scorca Hall in New York City. The Quartet ,  performs, as part of its repertoire, Jenni Brandon’s Love Songs for Soprano and Oboe.  Love Songs are performed by Soprano Margaretha Bessel ( and Oboist Kevin Chavez. Jenni’s “Love Songs” share the stage with the music of Schumann, Rossini, Gershwin, and Kern. For information on the program and ticket reservation contact Donna Reid at +1 (212) 799-5487 or

soprano and oboe sheet music

The texts – translations of Native American words – Tell a story of the Native American woman – a story that she might tell to her child while she rocked the child to sleep. It is a story that can be universally understood, but points to the strength of not only the Native American woman, but to the strength of all women to persevere, to raise children and to keep community strong against all odds. It is a “love song” in that it goes beyond just romantic love but tells of love for a child and love of the land.