“Cacophony” for Solo B-flat clarinet and delay pedal, by Jenni Brandon, Performed by Christopher Mothersole

“Cacophony” for Solo B-flat clarinet and delay pedal, by Jenni Brandon, is performed by Christopher Mothersole in a live faculty recital. The performance is on November 17th, 2021 @ 7:00pm EST. Limited in-person seating is available at the University of West Georgia’s  Old Auditorium 18 Back Campus Dr, Carrollton, GA 30118, Admission is free. The recital is live streamed from the University of West Georgia’s Old Auditorium on YouTube at Chris Mothersole | A Live Faculty Recital – YouTube.  Music presented is from Music by Jenni Brandon Bach, Denny-Chambers, Mothersole, and Broström.  The program is:

🔹 Bach, Johann Sebastian (transcr. C. Mothersole) The Well-Tempered Klavier: Prelude No.1 in C Major, BWV 846 (1722/2021)

🔹 Denny-Chambers, Kristen → Cortejo de Aves (2021)

🔹 Broström, Tobias (adapted by C. Mothersole) → La Noche Oscura (2019/2021)

🔹 Mothersole, Christopher → Autokinesis, for Solo Efx Clarinet, op.2 (2020)

🔹 Bach, Johann Sebastian (transcr. C. Mothersole) → Toccata & Fugue in D minor, BWV 565 (1704/2020)

🔹 Mothersole, Christopher → Diptych, for Efx Clarinet Duo, op.1 (2020) [Chris Mothersole & Tim Fitzgerald, clarinets]

🔹 Brandon, Jenni → Cacophony, for Solo Efx Clarinet (2021)

Originally from Austin, Texas, Christopher Mothersole serves as Instructor of Clarinet at the University of West Georgia. He moved to Carrollton in 2018 from Montana, where he served as principal clarinet of the Great Falls Symphony. An enthusiast of the rarely-heard basset horn, Christopher explores repertoire from both past and present, discovering new and innovative ways to make use of its dark, velvety tone. As an orchestral musician, Christopher has performed on both sides of the Atlantic under the baton of some of the world’s premier conductors. Christopher performs regularly with the Carroll Symphony Orchestra and enjoys a life of teaching in the West Georgia area. Christopher earned his Bachelor of Music degree from the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. He continued his studies in London, England, graduating from the Royal College of Music with a Master of Performance degree, where his principal teachers included Richard Hosford (BBC Symphony Orchestra), Timothy Lines (London Symphony Orchestra), and Colin Lawson (Director, Royal College of Music).

Enjoy a sneak peak of Jenni’s new work “Cacophony” for Solo B-flat Clarinet with Delay pedal commissioned by Chris Mothersole! I am really excited about this new work! It has been fun learning how to write with Delay pedal, and Chris is going to give a killer world premiere of this work on November 17. I’m so enjoying the colors the delay pedal adds to the clarinet and have had so much fun working with him on this new piece!

Check out our talk about the creation of this work during International Clarinet Association‘s New Music Weekend October 16-17 – https://clarinet.org/event/new-music-weekend-2021/

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