Chris Mothersole And Jenni Brandon Conduct A Workshop On Performing And Writing For Electroacoustic Clarinet

Chris Mothersole & Jenni Brandon will conduct a workshop on performing and writing for electroacoustic clarinet. The workshop is scheduled for October 16, 2021, at 1:00 PM EST. The workshop is part of The International Clarinet Association’s (ICA) New Music Weekend October 16-17, 2021, from 12:00 noon – 6:00 pm (Eastern Time Zone).

The ICA New Music Weekend is a two-day virtual festival. This event is free and open to anyone who loves the clarinet and wants to spend a pleasant time with other promoters of contemporary music. Come and meet other clarinetists from all over the world! This event is sponsored by the ICA New Music Committee. However, you must register to take part.

This workshop, on performing and writing for electroacoustic clarinet, is intended to serve as a guide for both clarinetists and composers to integrate clarinet performance with digital effects. American clarinetist Chris Mothersole will discuss the basics of using some of the main types of effects, specifically using guitar pedals, and demonstrate examples of notation used in works from several different composers. A recent collaboration with composer Jenni Brandon has created a commissioning consortium for a new work for solo clarinet with two different types of delay, to be premiered in late 2021. While she is unable to attend the weekend’s festivities, Jenni is excited for this opportunity to share with performers and other composers her experience of writing for electroacoustic clarinet for the first time. In this workshop, she will present a pre-recorded talk explaining the creative process and how digital effects have opened up the sound color possibilities of a single-line instrument.

Jenni & Chris will provide a sneak peak of Jenni’s new work “Cacophony” for Solo B-flat Clarinet with Delay pedal commissioned by Chris Mothersole (Facebook)! Jenni is really excited about this new work! She says it has been fun learning how to write with Delay pedal, and Chris is going to give a killer world premiere of this work on November 17. Jenni is so enjoying the colors the delay pedal adds to the clarinet and have had so much fun working with Chris on this new piece!