Jenni Brandon Teaches A Seminar At Lynn University On Being a Composer in the 21st Century.

Jenni Brandon taught a 3 ½ hour seminar on January 13, 2019 at Lynn University” On Being a Composer in the 21st Century” that also included “The Art of Collaboration and Creativity”. The seminar was part of the three-day New Music Festival sponsored by Lynn University Conservatory of Music, January 12 – 15, 2020. The Lynn University Conservatory of Music is located at 3601 N Military Trl, Boca Raton, Florida 33431.
The mission of the New Music Festival is to expose students and the community to new music by providing the platform for composers to bring their work to life through collaboration with their peers. The Conservatory of Music is dedicated to promoting the creation of new works by renowned composers and has to date commissioned eight compositions for a variety of ensembles from mixed trios to chamber symphonies. More than 90 premieres have been given since 2007.
Jenni is available to conduct seminars and workshops on composition, conducting, music business, Yoga and other music related topics. Jenni’s featured workshops for residencies, festivals and events are:
• The Art of Collaboration and Creativity
• Being a composer in the 21st Century
• Yoga for Musicians: Finding balance between practice, performance, and personal life
• How to think like a conductor: Preparing to conduct your own music
• Coaching ensembles on works by Jenni
• Conducting hers and the works of other composers
• Personalized lessons for composers, both in person and via the internet
Additional workshops and residencies can be customized to support your students, ensembles, and audience. Let Jenni share her music, vision of the art of collaboration, and the business of music at your university, festival, or next event!