Jenni Brandon’s Spider Suite Performed by The Kalliope Reed Trio

Kalliope Reed Quintet / Trio performs an evening of music, Sunday, November 1, 2020 At 4 PM PST – 5:30 PM PST. The Inspiration is from Día de Muertos and Halloween, spiced up with some fun works and features “Spider Suite” by Jenni Brandon. This is an online event at and  hosted by Regent Theatre Arlington, 7 Medford Street, Arlington, MA, 02474, Phone: {781} 646-4849. Special thanks to the Boston Cultural Council for making this concert possible!

Come hear the  newest sub-section of the Kalliope Reed Quintet,, the Kalliope Trio. This versatile combination of instruments plays a wide variety of works by Jenni Brandon; (“Spider Suite), Pierre Max Dubois, Jose Elizondo’s “Pan de Azucar” and more!

Kalliope is a Boston-based seasonal chamber ensemble dedicated to supplying a wide variety of colorful music to the community. Its members are:

Bennett Parsons, Saxophone/Clarinet*

Natalie Zemba, Bassoon*

Céline Ferro, Clarinet*

Anna Bradford, Oboe

Wolcott Humphrey, Bass Clarinet

Bennett Parsons, Saxophone/Clarinet*

Natalie Zemba, Bassoon*

* Trio members

Kalliope was originally the name of a Greek Goddess, and translated the word means “beautiful sound”. The Kalliope Ensemble is dedicated to creating beautiful music with a unique touch. We began in 2015 as a colorful combination of piano, oboe, and bassoon, and performed at a variety of events all over Boston. Since then have moved to a seasonal summer Reed Quintet, and occasionally feature reed trios and duos as well. We hope you will find time to enjoy our dynamic combination of instruments. The full concert program for Friday, August 28, 2020 is:

We are first introduced to the world of spiders through the fast and many-legged theme in “Along came a spider…,” full of skittering, racing, and lurking. In movement two a young spider takes flight – baby spiders will spin a balloon out of silk and fly away from their mother’s web to embark on their own journey, letting the wind take them wherever it might. Our spider lands gently and immediately begins to make his web in “Spinning Song.” Once the web is spun, it is time to wait for dinner to come along. Our spider dances “A Wicked Waltz,” laughing manically as he waits for the “Happy Bug (unsuspecting)” to get stuck in his web. As the bug flies and sings, he gets increasingly stuck in the web – listen as the timbral trills in the oboe become more and more frequent. In the final movement the spider reflects on his day (flying, spinning, and hunting…), tearing down his web, as spiders often do, to begin again the next day.

Movement I: Along came a spider…

Movement II: The Spider’s Flight (solo bassoon)

Movement III: Spinning Song

Movement IV: A Wicked Waltz: The Spider and the Happy Bug (unsuspecting)

Movement V. The end of the day…begin again

“Spider Suite” for oboe, clarinet, and bassoon was commissioned by the California Association of Professional Music Teachers and was premiered by the Vientos Trio at the CAPMT state conference in February 2010 at the Pacific Palms Resort.

The version for flute, clarinet, and bassoon is recorded by Ceora Winds on their debut CD Postcards.

“Spider Suite” is available for purchase on Jenni