Jenni Brandon’s “Two Immigrants for SATB choir, cello, and piano” Performed by The Mid-Columbia Master Singers

Jenni Brandon ’s “Two Immigrants for SATB choir, cello, and piano” is performed by The Mid-Columbia Master Singers. The Mid-Columbia Master Singers present their concert titled American Dreamers on:
Friday, Jan. 10, 7:30 p.m. at St. Patrick Catholic Church, Pasco, Wash.
Saturday, Jan. 11, 7:30 p.m. at St. Joseph Catholic Church, Kennewick, Wash.
Sunday, Jan. 12, 4 p.m. at St. Joseph Catholic Church, Sunnyside, Wash.
Mid-Columbia Mastersingers is pleased to present its third subscription cycle of the 2019-20 season entitled “American Dreamers,” a concert program that explores our immigrant past and the meaning of home. We are pleased to partner with the Tri-Cities Immigrant Coalition, a non-partisan organization who will help expand conservations around important immigrant issues affecting us at the local and national level. A variety of choral works performed are by contemporary American composers, many of which have their own immigrant stories to share through their music.
TWO IMMIGRANTS for SATB choir, cello, and piano tells the story of two young immigrants who come to America from a different land. They seek out what many immigrants did in coming to America – a chance to build a life, grow a career and family, and live the American dream. This poem by Maya Porcelli, a student at California School of the Arts – San Gabriel, is inspired by the family story of Dr. Michael J. Patzakis and Susan Giorkaris Patzakis, whose families came through Ellis Island early in the 20th century. This poem beautifully tells of what their parents left behind, but in coming together they created a new story of love, family, and hope, and so many opportunities for their children and grandchildren. I think it captures not only a beautiful tribute to their family and Greek heritage, but tells the story of the spirit and harmony of many immigrants who came to America’s shores from another country.
The music moves through light and darkness as the immigrants are faced with heartache and loss. The cello adds a deep, resonant voice of the immigrant as they search for their footing in the rocky terrain of a new language, new experiences, and new emotions. The choir explores these emotions, supported by the piano’s often forward movement like that of a large ship crossing the ocean on its way to Ellis Island. The work ends with a feeling of hope as the immigrants create a new life in this new land.
It is truly an honor to write this work to celebrate the life and honor the family of Dr. and Mrs. Patzakis, and to have the California School of the Arts – San Gabriel Valley Choir under the direction of Ryan Brown give the world premiere. A big thank you to Theresa Patzakis for supporting the creation of this work in honor of her parents, and to Katherine Powers, director of the Vocal Arts Department of CSArts-SGV.

TWO IMMIGRANTS for SATB choir, cello, and piano is available for purchase on Jenni Brandon’s web site at