“Places We Are From” By Jenni Brandon Performed By Jillian Camwell and Joined By Saxophonist Dave Camwell, Robert Gibson Guitar, And Pianist Tingting Yao


“Places We Are From” by Jenni Brandon, is performed by Jillian Camwell oboe in a faculty recital on Wednesday, February 10, 2022, at 7:00-8:00p.m CST at Troy University, Long Hall 104, Troy, Alabama 36082, 1.800.414.5756. Camwell is joined by saxophonist Dave Camwell and Robert Gibson guitar, and Pianist Tingting Yao.

The program is:

Brokenvention for oboe, alto saxophone & piano by Alyssa Morris

Six Canadian Scenes for solo oboe by Viet Cuong

Echoes for oboe & guitar by Jose Mora-Jimenez

The Door of No Return for oboe & piano by Althea Talbot-Howard

Places We Are From for oboe, alto saxophone & piano by Jenni Brandon.

Places We Are From, a new work by Jenni Brandon, explores the idea of identity and where we come from both geographically, physically, and spiritually. This unique exploration is reflected in the make-up of the three different instrumentation options for this work, using these combinations to tell stories of joy, hope, frustration, and perseverance. The colors and combinations in each version reflect a vision of discovering who we are in unprecedented times and finding happiness in the journey.

This work is available in three versions:

Oboe, Bassoon, Piano

Oboe, Saxophone, Piano

Saxophone, Bassoon, Piano

Places We Are From was commissioned by lead commissioners Post-Haste Reed Duo (Sean Fredenburg, Saxophone & Javier Rodriguez, Bassoon) and the Proud Duo (Teodora Pejašinović Proud – Oboe and Joseph Proud – Saxophone). I am grateful to them as well as the members of the commissioning consortium who helped make this piece possible.

Lead Commissioners
Proud Duo: Teodora Pejašinović Proud – Oboe, Joseph Proud – Saxophone
Post-Haste Reed Duo: Sean Fredenburg, Saxophone & Javier Rodriguez, Bassoon

Commissioning Consortium Members

Eric Troiano, Theresa Delaplain, Tomoko Kashiwagi

Andrew W. Parker and Midori Samson, Oklahoma State University Double Reeds

Carol Cope Lowe

Nathan Koch, The University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Three Reeds Duo – Paul & Leah Forsyth

Darrel Hale and the UNT Bassoon Studio

Jillian Camwell & Dr. Dave Camwell, Troy University

Baylor Woodwind Faculty: Dr. Michael Jacobson–Saxophone, Ann Shoemaker –Bassoon, Dr. Euridice Alvarez–Oboe

Douglas Owens, The University of Tennessee at Martin

Catherine Rand, The University of Southern Mississippi

This work is also the recipient of the 2021 International Double Reed Society’s “50 for 50” commissioning grant and the Oboe, Bassoon, Piano version was premiered by Teodora Pejašinović Proud – Oboe, Javier Rodriguez – Bassoon, and Kevin Chance – Piano during the 2021 International Double Reed Society 2nd Annual Virtual Symposium.

World Premieres of the three version:

2021 International Double Reed Society Conference 2nd Virtual Symposium – July 26-31, 2021. This work is the recipient of the IDRS “50 for 50” commissioning grant in celebration of the organization’s 50th anniversary.
Dora Proud – oboe, Javier Rodriquez – bassoon, Kevin Chance – piano

Performed by the Proud Duo at The National Association of College Wind and Percussion Instructors (NACWPI) 2021 Conference at the Texas Women’s College in Denton, TX on Sunday, October 24, 2021 at 9:30am CST

Post-Haste Reed Duo premiered the Soprano Saxophone, Bassoon, Piano version at Linfield University on Monday, November 29, 2021