Jacqueline Leclair: Music for English Horn Alone on New Focus Recordings

Jenni’s work In the City at Night is featured on the new recording “Music for English Horn Alone” recorded by Jacqueline Leclair in New Focus Recordings.


Jacqueline Leclair Music for English Horn Alone

Jenni Brandon’s work “In the City at Night” for solo English horn is featured on this release by New Focus Recordings

Oboist Jacqueline Leclair’s Music for English Horn Alone features several recent works for this characterful member of the double reed family, four of which are premieres. There is an appealing range of aesthetics represented by the music on this recording, from lyrical character pieces with various sources of inspiration by Hannah Kendall, Jenni Brandon, Meera Gudipati, and Lisa Bielawa to finely wrought modernist works by Faye-Ellen Silverman and Karola Obermüller, to an off-kilter exploration of extended technique by Cecilia Arditto. Leclair brings her virtuosity and interpretative expertise to all of these works, a testament to her many years experience at the forefront of new music performance.

Jenni Brandon’s In the City at Night depicts the unique, magical quality of the nocturnal urban environment. Delineated sections including “Sunset,” “City lights,” and “Quiet Streets,” Brandon captures several characters in the five and half minute work. After developing an evocative opening section featuring an ascending arpeggio figure, the material gradually glides into a repeated syncopated groove that is varied and embellished. A tender melody follows, before we hear the repeated groove again, before finally the ascending arpeggio returns to close the work.

Released October 23, 2020 on New Focus Recordings

Available on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, and wherever CDs are sold.