On Holt Avenue for oboe and piano

On Holt Avenue – for oboe and piano is a fun, light-hearted piece in four movements.  Written for the oboist Jennifer Mitchell, these pieces portray life ‘On Holt Avenue’ in Los Angeles, California as told by the composer.  This work is published by Imagine Music.


On Holt Avenue for oboe and piano (oboe and piano sheet music) was recently performed during the International Double Reed Society Conference in Tokyo, Japan in August 2015 with Aryn Day Sweeney on the oboe.

I. Morning Coffee – a little bit of coffee to get the day going.

II. The Lemon Tree – a slow, thoughtful movement with just a touch of jazz as the oboe and piano portray a lemon tree on a rainy day in Southern California.  A short haiku sets the mood of the piece:

The lemon tree waits-
rain falls on outstretched branches-
How the lemons shine!

III. That Mockingbird… – a constant change of melody and rhythm depicts the mockingbird that sings each and everyday outside of the composer’s window.

IV. Daisies – Gerbera daisies are a favorite, and these colorful flowers are portrayed by the oboe and piano in a touching yet sophisticated melodic landscape.