Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra Chamber Ensemble Performs Jenni Brandon’s “Five Frogs”



Five Frogs Cover

The Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra Chamber Ensemble, The Mistral Five Wind Quintet, brings you a premiere performance of Jenni Brandon’s Five Frogs on, Saturday, January 15, 2022 at 7:30PM. This is a live stream concert at New Beginnings | ConcertStream

The Chamber Ensemble’s Allison Miller and Max Ostic dig into the music of Pierre-Max Dubois’ “Petite Suite”, while the Mistral Five Wind Quintet brings you the Saskatchewan premiere performance of Jenni Brandon’s Five Frogs!

The performance concludes with a complete performance of Johannes Brahms’ beautiful Serenade in D Major, Opus 11”. A piece that served as a new beginning for Brahms, the work reflected on the death of his friend Robert Schumann and looked to a new musical future that Brahms set out to achieve.

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“Five Frogs for Woodwind Quintet” allows each of the instruments to tell the story of a frog, from leaping to lazing on a lily pad and was inspired by “One Hundred Frogs “by Hiroaki Sato, a little book that takes a look at one hundred different haikus, sonnets, prose poems, and even limericks based on Bashô’s haiku, “Old Pond/Frog jumps in/The sound of water”. Each of the instruments in the ensemble is so different and so exceptional in their sound and abilities that I realized each one could be one of the frogs from the book. The clarinet is perfect for “Leaping” because of its agility and grace, the way a frog can be still one minute and gone the next. “Catching Bugs” gave me the opportunity to use the piccolo and allow the ensemble to run ‘amuck’ after their bug dinner. Finally, in “Epilogue” all the frogs sing together, each one bringing their own musical motive into this final movement.

Five Frogs is available, on line, from Boosey and Hawkes Chamber Music (48018979)