The Dreams of Birds by Jenni Brandon, Performed by Alicia Kosack At The Low Flutes Festival

The Dreams of Birds, by Jenni Brandon performed by Alicia Kosack at the Low Flutes Festival on Saturday, April 13, 2024, at the Hilton Washington Dulles, 13869 Park Center Rd, Herndon, VA 20171, telephone (703) 478-2900. You Tube link: International Low Flutes Festival – YouTube. The program is:

Alto Solos with Sam Williams & Alicia Kosack

Saturday, April 13th


Sonata for Viola & Piano – arranged for alto flute      Rebecca Clarke (1886-1979)

arr. Sam Williams

  1.  Impetuoso
  2.  Vivace
  3.  Adagio

Sam Williams, alto flute

Bora Lee, piano


The St. Francis Window, Op. 67 – for alto flute & piano        Ruth Gipps (1921-1999)

Gershwin-its – for solo alto flute         Adrienne Albert (b. 1941)

The Dreams of Birds – for alto flute & piano    Jenni Brandon (b. 1977)

Alicia Kosack, alto flute

Bora Lee, piano

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The Dreams of Birds explores the world of what birds might dream. Would they dream of running, of flying to the sun? Would they dream of being human? I wanted to explore the possibility of bird dreams while continuing to be evocative of a bird with bird-like songs in the alto flute. The little turns and grace notes as well as the flutter tongue played by the alto flute offer the listener the voice of the bird. The piano, both supportive and, at times, grand, helps give flight to these dreams of birds.

All of Jenni’s compositions are available for purchase on her website Home – Jenni Brandon