Virginia Figueiredo Performs Starry Night by Jenni Brandon In Concert with The Philharmonic Band of Anca, Cantanhede, Portugal

starry night coverVirginia Figueiredo performs Starry Night by Jenni Brandon in concert with The Philharmonic Band of Anca, Cantanhede, Portugal. This is the clarinet masterclass closing concert on June 30, 2024 at 5:30 PM, at the Matrix Church of Ançã. Virginia Figueiredo directs the concert

The concert program is:

  1. Rimsky-Korsakov’s Concerto in Major for Clarinet and Band:
    • This concerto, composed in 1878, is a delightful work for clarinet and wind band. It consists of three movements:
      • Allegro moderato: A lively and expressive opening movement.
      • Andante: A lyrical middle movement.
      • Allegro moderato: The final movement, which brings the concerto to an exciting conclusion.
  1. Jenni Brandon’s “Starry Night”:
  2. “Rhapsody in Blue” by George Gershwin:
    • This iconic composition blends classical music with jazz elements. It features a captivating clarinet solo and is a true masterpiece. The piece was premiered in 1924 with Gershwin himself on the piano and Ross Gorman on the clarinet. Its jazzy rhythms and lush harmonies make it a crowd favorite.
  3. “Adagio for Strings” by Samuel Barber:
    • Although originally composed for string orchestra, the clarinet version is equally moving. The hauntingly beautiful melody evokes deep emotions and has been used in various films and TV shows. It’s a timeless piece that resonates with listeners.

All of Jenni’s compositions are available for purchase on her website Home – Jenni Brandon