Conversations with a Composer

Recent Conversations held at Georgia College, Central Michigan University,
BYU-Idaho and Arkansas State University

Conversation topics include (but not limited to):

  • The Business of Music (Contracts, Publishing, Grants)
  • Developing a Collaborative Project
  • Mindful Creativity: Incorporating Yoga & Meditation into your creative process
  • ¬†Getting Organized: Making the Most of Your Time
  • The Hyphenate Musician: Combining what you love into a fulfilling career
  • Specific topics designed for your studio, students, or community.

What Jenni brings to these conversations with your students or music community:

  • I offer ideas and ways to manifest the career you want and make connections today for opportunities now and in the future.
  • I’ve worked with dozens of musicians and ensembles in collaboration on writing new works, large and small projects, and recordings of my music and enjoy collaboration.
  • As an entrepreneur I run my own publishing company, Jenni Brandon Music, with world-wide distribution.
  • Multiple major publishing companies also publish my music.
  • I’ve run successful music organizations and long-term music projects, bringing my experience on marketing, promotion, and programming to audiences across the world.
  • I’ve conducted ensembles internationally and believe strongly in the importance of being involved in making music at all levels.
  • And I believe in the “hyphenate” musician – we all have talents and interests in activities in addition our music endeavors, and we should combine our love of these into our passion for making music!
  • These conversations are geared towards all musicians and members of music communities and offer a chance to ask questions and grow ideas.
  • Reasonable and accessible rates for all budgets.

    Contact me to book a conversation with your students, studio, or music community.