Jenni Brandon’s Sun Songs Performed In Fort Collins, Colorado

Sun Songs by Jenni Brandon is performed in Fort Collins, CO. The performance, at the McNeal Auditorium by the Front Range Chamber Players (FRCP), is on September 25, 2018. The nonprofit Front Range Chamber Players (FRCP) is Northern Colorado’s resident professional chamber music group.

The text for Sun Songs comes from translated texts of the North American Indians. These texts come from three different tribes: the Nootka Indians who lived on the seaward coast of Vancouver Island, Canada, and the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State; the Papago Indians (or the Tohono O’odham Indians) of Arizona and the Sonoran Desert; and the Havasupai people of the Grand Canyon. These various texts were used in ceremonies to bring good weather, to ask the sun to help grow the land, and to call upon the powers of nature.