Online Composition Workshops: Writing for Solo Instruments

Award-winning composer Jenni Brandon offers unique workshops focusing on writing a new work for a solo instrument in an approachable, collaborative setting with other composers as well as a professional instrumentalist.   Collaboration is the central component of these workshops, and Jenni brings together composers and instrumentalists to create a dynamic and fluid relationship during the creative process.

During the workshop Composers will work one on one with Jenni in private composition lessons. In group sessions composers will interact with a professional musician who will dig into the nuts and bolts of writing for their instrument.  An in-depth look at techniques, range, register, and repertoire will round out the composer’s experience and fill their composing toolbox with the tools needed to create an idiomatic and exciting new work for the solo instrument. 

Composers will have their works performed and recorded by this professional instrumentalist and a recording will be provided to composers.  These recordings are great for building professional recordings of repertoire and demonstrating the composer’s ability to successfully collaborate with a performer.

Workshops began during the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic and successfully ran completely online.  Jenni offers workshops both online and in-person.

Upcoming Online Workshops

Please check back for upcoming opportunities to work with Jenni during an online Composition Workshop!

Are you a performer interested in being the featured collaborating performer in one of Jenni’s workshops?  Or do you have a studio that would be interested in participating in an upcoming workshop?  Reach out to Jenni below about opportunities:

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Past Online Composition Workshops & Performances on writing for the Solo Instrument