Gather at the Rock for Clarinet Choir


Gather at The Rock for Clarinet Choir (3 Clarinets in B-Flat, 2 Bass Clarinets, Contrabass Clarinet) was inspired by a sculpture on the campus of Slippery Rock University and the idea of an inclusive atmosphere that that comes from gathering together in a supportive environment.



Gather at The Rock (JB 204)


3 Clarinets in B-Flat
2 Bass Clarinets
Contrabass Clarinet

Duration approximately 6 minutes

World Premiere by the Slippery Rock University Clarinet Choir under the direction of Dr. Amanda Morrison

Slippery Rock University Clarinet Choir in front of The Squiggle sculpture

Commissioned by Dr. Amanda Morrison and the Slippery Rock University Clarinet Choir for premiere in 2024, “Gather at The Rock” draws its name from a combination of research and discussion with Dr. Morrison. During our conversation, she shared details about a sculpture affectionately known on campus as “The Squiggle.” Located in front of Swope Recital Hall on campus, this artwork not only embodies the spirit of Slippery Rock but has come to represent community, collaboration, and inclusivity, values that resonate not only on Slippery Rock’s campus but also on campuses throughout America. The inclusive atmosphere provides individuals with the opportunity to explore their identities and contribute to the creation of a world where ideas are actively pursued.

I also discovered references to Slippery Rock University and its programs as “The Rock,” which made me think about the hymn “Shall we gather at the river.”  This hymn embraces the idea of coming together for a greater purpose. I found this juxtaposition intriguing – the Squiggle as a representation of the gathering place and the broader purpose of cultivating values that contribute to a promising future for everyone.

In representing these ideas, you’ll hear rhythmic sections that drive the story forward, but also a more contemplative section of reflection. I wanted this work to be both joyful and fun, but also explore the quiet reverence that comes from realizing you are a part of something special.

It was an honor to write this work for Dr. Morrison and her ensemble for premiere during the Spring of 2024 at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania.

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